Shilling the best password manager

Bitwarden is an open-source, free password manager that I just started using and it is awesome!

They have desktop/browser/iOS/Android versions (prob Linux too) and they all sync together using one master password. You can add an entry on your phone app version and right away it’s sync’d to all other devices.

Has a password generator that is customizable as to number of special characters, letters, numbers and total length. The dif characters are highlighted in dif colors so you don’t mistake things like I (capital i) and | (pipe). There is a copy function that allows you to copy the password without revealing it (if screen is visible to others), and it also has a database of known passwords that it checks your passwords against. They also have additional fields that includes a hidden text field (for seed phrases and LN TOR addresses, etc).

I was using KeePassXL before this and Bitwarden is just better.

Figured I’d share this info since we are all holding our own sensitive data these days.


To add an extra layer of protection use a email fowarder like simplelogin for your login email addresses. This way your login emails will not point directly to you in the case of a company data leak. Very useful.


Good idea… will check them out.

Does that work with the Umbrel VaultWarden app they just included?

I’ve been looking to move to that, from my current RoboForm, and love the idea of hosting all that personally…not on RF’s server.