Password Change Mishap

Hello, I use LastPass to manage my pws and indavertantly updated the umbrel password instead of setting up Pi-hole pw. How do I reset my umbrel’s pw while logged out?

Solved. I forgot LP has a pw history feature. All Good Now.


Advice: stop using lastpass. That is NOT a password manager but a password grabber.
You have been warned.

Umbrel itself have a password manager that is self hosted, self managed - VaultWarden/Bitwarden.
I strongly suggest to use that one, or at least KeePass (as alternative)

Also using the option to save passwords in any browser is point of attack and is strongly not recommended. Lastpass also is using plugins for browsers and those are important weak point for passwords attack.

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Thanks for the reply, DarthCoin. Since I’ve got umbrel up and running I noticed VaultWarden and plan to look into it further. I also use KeePass to store many pws and the master pw for LP. I do my best to practice safe computing and have switched to using Brave browser earlier this year. I stopped storing pws in the browser a long time ago.