Setup Ledger Live to Umbrel

Is it all ready possible to setup Ledger Live with Umbrel? I tried it but Ledger live keeps searching for connection with Umbrel with no results.

Ledger live app is total crap. Stop using it.
Ledger HW should be used together with desktop apps like Electrum, Specter or Sparrow.
All these can be connected to your node for broadcasting and verifying the txs in a private mode.
Follow the instructions you can find in your Umbrel dashboard - Connect wallet.

General rules:

  • a HW like ledger should NOT be used as a regular daily wallet.
  • you setup once the ledger, save the seed and MPK (master public key)
  • close it into a safe and don’t touch it anymore, that’s why is named “cold wallet”
  • use the MPK in any wallet app that supports “watch-only” wallet (so you can make deposits to that ledger wallet, anytime you want, without opening the ledger)

Read more about hoiw to manage various levels of stashing BTC


I have tried to setup Specter desktop on my MacBook. Installing went smoothly and creating a wallet via USB with my HW connected was easy. I expected to see my funds in the transactions tab but that was 0. I did a full scan (it takes a few hours) and a UTXO scan, I removed and reinstalled the wallet with different settings but the balance remains 0. According to the FAQ from Specter does Specter not show funds with addresses starting with 1 and 3 and 3 is exactly the first number of my public address. Also the transactions to my HW often starts with 3. Am I missing something or am I doing something wrong? I am a bit lost here.

Don’t worry about the use of my HW. I use it as a piggy bank and keep it in a safe place to never touch. I Only use it when I want to sell some coins if the price is right. I am a long time hodler but I want to see the balance of my portfolio now and then.

Well, I don’t know what I did but I can see my funds in Specter now. Very strange but problem solved.

OK so you understand nothing…

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But that’s another discussion.

@Ferry take your time and keep learning… we’re here to support it! You never gonna learn cycling if you do not fell down. So be ready… and use protection!

@n080dy Thank you for your response. A positive and motivating attitude helps to learn. A reaction as “Ledger is crap” without explanation and later on a response as “OK so you understand nothing…” won’t help. In fact I find it very offending. As a supporter you are also an ambassador of the product you support. You want people to become enthousiast about the product. Darth is doing the opposite. I find his approach rather blunt.

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That’s ok, and everyone has different stories behind their words. @DarthCoin has been seeing people like us for a long time here and has responded to the same questions multiple times in this community. I appreciate his/her/their contributions and look forward to learning more from him.

@Ferry let’s continue building these new railroads together :muscle:

Truth hurts when is told straight… I know. But this is me, I always say the truth. If you get offended means the truth hurts…


@n080dy @DarthCoin Anyway, Umbrel is running and I am using Sparrow for transactions. Specter does not support Legacy and P2SH addresses (addresses starting with 1 or 3.) I found a website that explains the difference:

I am going to step out this discussion now. I am a little disappointed. My stuff is up and running so no need for me to hang around here anymore.

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