Secure protectoon!

If I use ZAP Wallet and have keys and access to my Umbrel wallet, so if I lost my device (hijacker, hack), My Umbrel node and Balance will be potencial vulnerable.
Only Safe resolution is immediately shutdown my Umbrel node. But attacker have acces to my On-CHAIN Balance or no?
When in mobile have too connect BlueWallet, as welll my Balance is vulnerable.
Can You implement “freeze button” for all conected and paired wallet to Umbrel node (On-CHAIN, LN) for a PROTECTION of user Balance BTC?

If you are so afraid and not sure about your own security (it is your responsibility to keep the access to your Umbrel node safe), you can always use LNDHUB system of wallets.
With Umbrel you can use Bluewalelt LNDHUB - explained here and also with LNBits LNDHUB - explained here.

So practically you put some small amounts in those LNDHUB wallets and pair them with Zeus or Bluewallet app in your mobile, not having any access to your full node (nor onchain, nor LN).
You can have also multiple LNDHUB wallets, that will only use your liquidity (NOT balance) from your node.
And leave the access to your onchain and LN channels management for when you are safe at home, accessing from your safe computer in same LAN with your node, through RTL or Thunderhub apps from Umbrel.

Thank for security explain (: