Samourai Server stuck since 0.4.1 upgrade

My Samourai Server seems to be stuck since upgrading to 0.4.1. My full node is updating and working fine otherwise - only seems to be Samourai that’s having the issue. Here’s how the maintenance app looks (I just tried rebooting Umbrel server, hence the short uptime). My paired Samourai Wallet is not picking up transactions because of this. Thanks for your help.

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Same issue here. After some reboots, it seemed to work for a bit–i.e., the latest block numbers all matched, and I got all green checkmarks. But then it quickly seemed to stop again. As I write this, the full node and Indexer are on 697099, but Tracker and Dojo DB are on 697088.

I wonder if this is related to the more concerning issue I’m experiencing since upgrading to 0.4.1–I get Whirlpool GUI to connect just fine through the remote CLI via Tor, but when I try to authenticate with the BIP39 passphrase, I always get “Authentication failed: Technical error, check logs for details.” I notice if I try to authenticate with an incorrect passphrase, I get “Authentication failed: Authentication failed: invalid passphrase?” as expected.

So as of 0.4.1, I’m dead in the water and unable to use Whirlpool. Not good.

Guess I’m not the only one… There is a way to view logs in settings, but the “summarized” log that displays for Dojo cuts off the important part before a very long stack trace. This is what is at the end:

Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Http query failed: status=400

Same issue here, along with having to force address rescan multiple times to even get the original transaction to show up in Samurai.

Are there any known fixes in the pipeline for Samurai/Dojo?

I about had a fucking heart attack today when I discovered that my Samourai wallet hadn’t received the transaction I sent to test my Umbrel node. I had to get Samourai support to re-synch my wallet with their nodes. Will definitely be using smaller amounts from now on when testing new software…

Same issue here.
Also my balance drops to zero after syncing.

Same issue. I have a 1 BTC locked up in whirlpool and I can’t get it out. It appears that Samourai is showing my tracking and Dojo DB as not in sync with the blockchain.
How do I fix this???

I contacted Samourai and they stated that there is nothing they can do and the issue seems to be on Umbrel’s side. UMBREL HELP!!!

Alright boys. The good news is I found out how to get the funds out if you have them sitting in Premix. Bad news, WTF UMBREL GET IT TOGETHER AND TEST THESE FEATURES BEFORE PUSHING. MIXING IS LIFE AND DEATH AND I ALMOST LOST A WHOLE COIN.

  1. Download Electrum onto your desktop. Make sure you are going to the official site as there are tons of fakes and fake programs you can download that look like Electrum but lock up your funds for ransom so be careful. Electrum (dot) org

  2. Open Electrum and create new wallet name > select Standard Wallet > pick “I already have a seed” > enter your samourai wallet seed phrase and then click “options” in the bottom corner. Check the box for “Extend this seed with custom words” and select the bubble “BIP39 Seed”. > Enter your wallet password or “phrase” that you use to login to your wallet > now here is where you recover the derivation path of your wallet specifically.
    What this means is that the path you specify will be recovered. if you do not do this, then it will only recover your wallet and show you ONLY what is inside the wallet.
    Per Samourai’s website here are the paths:

    Deposit: m/44’|49’|84’/0’/0’
    Bad Bank: m/84’/0’/2147483644’
    Pre Mix: m/84’/0’/2147483645’
    Post Mix: m/84’/0’/2147483646’
    Ricochet: m/84’/0’/2147483647’

In the box at the bottom, change the last section to reflect where your funds are stuck. Mine were stuck in Premix so I changed the electrum default from m/84’/0’/0’ to m/84’/0’/2147483645’

I hit next and didn’t bother with a password as I deleted the wallet as soon as I sent the funds out.
For those of you who have never used Electrum, you should now see your wallet recovered with your premix total inside. You then need to go to the Send tab and give it a new “pay to” address and hit the “max” button and send that shit home to a safe place.

Fuck I am so angry because this could have been so bad for so many of us. Fuck man.
well anyway, enjoy your recovery! Don’t forget to delete your wallet and start a new one since you typed your seedphrase into a computer. That’s a RIP to that seedphrase. DO NOT REUSE. Clear the wallet out of course before deleting…
And remember kids, don’t be dumb enough to full send a whole coin into Whirlpool hosted by a 3rd party software without testing it first.

Thanks for sharing how to get the funds out.
I was also told by Samourai that the issue is on Umbrel’s side, so please FIX THIS ASAP.

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Umbrel team prefer to add mode apps/features but not fix the current issues. Its sad to see a great project but poor choice in terms of resource management and priorities. I have had so many issues with whirlpool that I am considering trying out mynode or ronin dojo. Its just that I like the UI of umbrel.

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Same boat myself. I just want the damn whirlpool to work. I don’t need new apps nobody has heard of. That can come AFTER we get the IMPORTANT apps STABLE.

Even after the new Umbrel update the problem with Samourai still persists. UMBREL FIX THIS PLEASE!

Ok after rebooting my Umbrel my problem seems to be gone, my balance is correct now. I don’t use whirlpool, so no idea if that problem is gone now too.