Samourai Wallet lost all UTXOs paired with Samourai Server

I have a Samourai wallet paired with Samourai Server (i.e. a “Dojo node”) on my Umbrel. I was running Whirlpool GUI on my Mac and successfully set it up for continuous mixing last week. I left for the weekend and came back to a completely empty Samourai wallet that seemed to completely erase all history of transactions and UTXOs.

Hoping this is just a software or server issue and I didn’t get pwnd. Has anyone experienced or seen this issue before? Thanks in advance

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It appears no one is answering questions regarding Samourai on Umbrel.

Did you ever figure this out? I am experiencing the same issue right now.

Nope. I gave up on Samourai wallet and do whirlpool using Sparrow Wallet instead. I added the wallet to Sparrow using the seed phrase and everything came up.

These Umbrel guys care more about cute Tweets and pretty UI than they care about actually making their system work properly.