RTL Password Change

Did RTL remove the ability to change the password?

I went to login and said my password was incorrect, I doubted I input it wrong. Deleted, installed RTL fresh copy…now there is no change password in settings…only enable 2FA.

What’s going on?

I can’t sign in with my normal credentials either.

Same here.

you will find your RTL password in Umbrel Apps Store-specific RTL page

Did the last few updates change the previous behavior? I used to have a specific password, but after an update (one or two updates ago?) it changed and I was unable to log in… I went to the app page and copied what I thought was the default password to be able to log in…
That worked and when I went to change the ‘default’ password (to something that was of my choosing), I could no longer find that option…
Are you saying that the app is deliviering unique, secure passwords to Umbrel users who have the app? And I do not need to worry that anyone can log in to my instance with the ‘default’ password that I am seeing on the RTL app download page??
Thanks for your help!


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Hi everyone, how can I change the RTL default password?
Can I just edit /home/umbrel/umbrel/app-data/ride-the-lightning/rtl/RTL-Config.json file and change the multiPassHashed value to the result of echo -n "mynewpassword" | sha256sum ?
Because I don’t see the option to change password in the web interface.