Ride The Lightning password changed?


I have been running an Umbrel for the past 8 months.

My password for RTL is one I have created and is kept in a password manager.

After updating to the newest Umbrel version, I cannot log into RTL anymore with the password I have been using. I have also tried the default password that Umbrel creates cryptographically.

Any ideas? Can I delete and reinstall RTL?

Thank you for any help.


I can confirm password probs with RTL after updating to the latest Umbrel version (0.4.15). There seems to be something basically wrong. I deleted my RTL-installation and reinstalled it via the Umbrel-App-Store. With this way I got shown a long default-password (looks like a hashed password, but it isn’t actually) and at least regained access to my RTL-installation. It seems, that there is no data-loss by the reinstall-process, but nevertheless, pay a little bit attention… My old password is dropped (for RTL). Any attempt to set my old password again failed. In ~/umbrel/app-data/ride-the-lightning/rtl/RTL-Config.json there is no longer an option “multiPassHashed”, but only “multiPass”. AND: (in my case) It’s irrelevant to which password I set this value - after restart of the RTL-docker container on the Umbrel, only the default password from the RTL-installation will work. Spooky.

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Thank you for confirming the issue.

I have deleted and re-installed RTL with no data loss.

Was freaking me out thinking that my node somehow got compromised.

I created a Github issue. Perhaps the programmers of RTL have an answer/solution to this problem.



Same problem for me. Upgraded and RTL password is horked. Deleted and re-installed, no data loss, but the app blows. Will be deleting until they fix this.

I continue to be shocked at how a lot of these apps fuck with the password, don’t let you change it, etc.


I read the discussion in Github - very weird behavior from Umbrel!

You guys do not read Umbrel announcement and do not pay attention to details?