RTL no loop option

I’m running Umbrel 0.5.3 and installed RTL from the app store, which installed version 0.13.2-beta. I opened a channel with an ACINQ node and wanted to use Loop to rebalance.

However, there is no “Loop” option on the left-hand side frame (see attached screenshot)

Why might this happen?

What other options do I have to perform a Loop in order to rebalance on this RTL node on my Umbrel?

Any help is apprecited. Thank you!

Is your Umbrel running Core Lightning or LND?

I run LND, and just checked my RTL menu. The LOOP service seems to have disappeared. I have not used the Loop service recently, though.

If you opened the channel all the liquidity in the channel is on your side. ACINQ is a sink - it mainly pulls sats its way. If you can get some inbound liquidity in another channel, sats from that channel will probably flow in, and route to ACINQ if you set a reasonable fee. Rebalancing the other way (pulling sats from ACINQ) will be much more difficult.

On getting inbound liquidity, see Plebnet

Happy routing!

My Umbrel is running Core Lightning + RTL and does not have Loop.

Thank you for the Plebnet wiki! Will check it out.