Core Lighting and RTL

I have Core Lightning and the new RTL installed and I wanted to open some channels, but my RTL doesnt show any Bitcoin Balance. I have a little over 2m Sats on chain ready to go. Is there some other step to get RTL Core working?

The balance onchain that you have on lightning app, doesn’t show on RTL app. You need withdraw from lightning app to RTL. On RTL app has the option to generate a BTC address to deposit. So then you can open channels.

Ok, Interesting, how can you check if new generated address on RTL Core Lightning is actually your address from original umbrel seed phrase? Why RTL shows all onchain from LND lightning, but RTL Core shows 0 on-chain. Both lightning nodes are based on same on-chain node with same seed phrase…

I have the same question. Are you able to figure it out lately?