RTL / Core Lightning issue

ok, so I reinstalled RTL after fulfilling the new dependency “Core Lightning app”. Why this is necessary since there’s already c-lighting installed with Umbrel, right?

Do I guess right that I now need first to connect the c-lightning on umbrel to the Core Lightning app? Or what? RTL is empty and I am greeted as “GREENMOON”?!? WTF?

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I’m having this same issue. RTL does not show any of my open channels – it’s empty and shows the wrong NodeID/public key. I have Core Lighting installed. When I check my log file it says:

Server started with public key 032903621c1610f3def7a6359c5356fc157369c9ac74e9c7ef4231a5daab9b8fb3, alias HOPPINGTOTE (color #032903) and lightningd v0.10.2

This is not my public key or alias. Where does it get this info from and how can we change it?

I received an answer to this question from the developer. Turns out, there are two different RTL apps on Umbrel. I was looking at the RTL (Core Lightning) app, but to view my LND node I should have been using the other RTL app (not Core Lightning). I believe this is your issue as well. See this post.