RTL - Circular Rebalance?

edit: I do have 50k on the remote end of the other peers. I’m lost. How to add liquidity to an existing channel and how to force the balance of the new peer/channel that is all local liquidity?

For the UI people out you need to remove a lot of these steps. No one cares. If the rule or general rule of thumb is you will put liquidity into the a channel and best practice is to balance it to make it 50/50 then just do that and take the fee. Don’t make the user do it. If we are all doing that…stop making it multistep, it hsould be a single button…“do you want to balance this channel for a fee of X, yes or no. Yes” Done. Get your life back.

If some advanced user wants to do something different put an advanced button there for them to click and hunt around and do all that. Annoying.

I am connected to a peer with an open channel. The liquidity is all local. I want to split/balance the liquidity.

I try sending out via a different peer so it comes back through the peer I want to increase the remote balance with. It fails with these errors:

  1. Insufficient balance with peers
  2. Low rebalance amount

I think insufficient balance means the amount I am trying to rebalance is greater than the remote balance on my other peers. Makes sense. I lower the rebalance amount to be less than the remote balance on my other peers and it says rebalance amount to low.

The peer I am trying to balance to is Sphinx chat, they did say they want a minimum of 50k sats.

I have 49k sats on my remote balance…I think this is the issue… I don’t have 50k sats in remote balanc eon any peer and Sphinx somehow is enforcing a minimum amount of 50k of liquidity before it will accept a relbalance???

I am guessing…not sure if I have it right.

I tried to add more liquidity to my current peers to see if I could get them above 50k and try again but I can’t find a way to add more liquidity to the existing channels.

Does anyone know the sequence of gymnastics this thing wants to do the right thing and just rebalance? What’s the dance number?