RPC to my Umbrel BTC node

Is it possible to execute an RPC to my Umbrel BTC node from another machine on my LAN?

Go to Umbrel dashboard - Connect wallet - and see there the instructions to connect RPC

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I’d like to be able to bitcoin-cli from my machine to my Umbrel node, but still having some trouble. Using the information in Connect Wallet -> Bitcoin Core RPC, I set my local bitcoin.conf file to use the following keys:


I’m not totally sure if those are the correct configuration keys to use, but now when I run something like bitcoin-cli getblockcount I get the error:

Could not connect to server...

Hey! Umbrel doesn’t expose the Core RPC port to the local network for security reasons. More details here.


Gotcha, thanks!

What was your approach on this?

It seems that the umbrel BTC node does actually support this, or at least the UI suggests as much, because when you click the “Connect” button, the UI tells you how to do this and what port it’s on. If Connections from the local network weren’t allowed, then what’s the point of this?

I am having the same issue. I added rpcallowip= to my bitcoin.conf, and I got past the 403 error, but the new error is “error: Authorization failed: Incorrect rpcuser or rpcpassword”. From a glance at how the docker compose is set up, I can see that the bitcoind command is built up using the generated credentials, so I assume the password shown in the dialog is right. I’ve set up my cli config to have rpchost=umbrel.local and rpcport=8332, and then I copy the generated rpc password onto stdin with this command:

bitcoin-cli -stdinrpcpass help

Surely the solution to this thread isn’t the post by @louneskmt from last May.