Registration and programs required for mining

I’m watching other people’s mining introductions on YouTube.
Some have suggested that the CUI program is running or that “mining pool registration” is required.

I’m not doing either of the above in the “Umbrel environment”.
Also, I don’t know if I worked without noticing English.

Please tell me the registration and program required for mining.
I look forward to working with you.

You cannot mine from a raspberry pi. You need asic hardware

I hadn’t seen a video that required ASIC hardware until I saw “WalletInspector”'s comment.

In other videos, “CPU mining” was manually started with the configuration of “Raspberry Pi”, “SSD (or HDD)” and “Raspberry Pi OS”.

I haven’t been able to find out how to register Node yet.

Is ASIC hardware inevitable? It ’s very expensive, is n’t it? I don’t think this is inevitable.
Please tell me how to mine with CPU and how to proceed.

You cannot mine bitcoin with a raspberry pi. You might be able to mine other altcoins in a pool and be paid in bitcoin by the pool but I cannot offer anything beyond that. Mining bitcoin with asic isn’t inevitable, it is the reality. This article will help you understand what you will need if you want to mine bitcoin from home.

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