[Poll] What is your hardware?

Share with the community your hardware setup and performance.

If you can also share links and prices It will be definitely useful for newbies to know what to buy, or for existing users to know what to upgrade with.

If we can follow this structure will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hardware setup

  • Host hardware: brand or manufacturer
  • Host Memory: in MB
  • Node Case: if any
  • OS:
  • Bitcoin Core Storage: external or internal?
  • Internet Connection Ethernet or WiFi?
  • Anything else?

Current Performance

  • Connection speed: upload/download in Mbps
  • Peers:
  • Uptime:
  • RAM in use:
  • Node temperature: °C / °F
  • Anything else?

Total budget: in (里)Sats / ($)USD

Suggested on GetUmbrel website (13/02/2022)

Estimated budget: 里1,061,982.92 / $448.90 (exc. shipping fees)

In my case, I’ve opted for theBitcoinMachine(TBM) as I was looking to save some time on hardware assembly and umbrelOS installation. However, it was not worth as TBM resulted being a poor quality product + after only 5 days had to replace the 2T BX500 Crucial SSD + DoiDo board with a new external SSD (that notably reduced btcCore initial sync speed)

Hardware setup

  • Host hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
  • Host Memory: 8.2 GB
  • Node Case: TheBitcoinMachine
  • OS: umbrelOS
  • Bitcoin Core Storage: 2TB internal via DoiDo board
  • Internet Connection (Ethernet or WiFi)
  • Replacement SSD: 1TB SAMSUNG
  • Replacement external case: ORITO SATA to USB 3.0

Current Performance

  • Connection speed: 30-40 Mbps
  • Peers: 10
  • Uptime: 10h
  • RAM in use: 1.4GB
  • Node temperature: 52 °C / 123 °F)
  • Sync speed: 1%/day

Total budget: in 里1,694,701.41 / $716.35 (inc. shipping fees)

New setup after getting rid of TheBitcoinMachine

Hardware setup

  • Host hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
  • Host Memory: 8.2 GB
  • Node Case: Small Carton Box
  • OS: umbrelOS
  • Bitcoin Core Storage: 1T SAMSUNG internal connected with ORITO USB 3.0 board
  • Internet Connection Ethernet
  • Anything else?

Current Performance

  • Connection speed: 30-40 Mbps
  • Peers: 10
  • Uptime: 33min
  • RAM in use: 1.3GB
  • Node temperature: 70 °C / 159 °F)
  • Sync speed: 1% in 30min

Total budget: in 里899,106.63 / $389.05 (inc. shipping fees)

Hi, I’m recycling old hardware

Hardware setup

  • Host hardware: Dell Laptop Inspiron 3000 Series Intel Celeron Dual Core
  • Host Memory: 4GB
  • Node Case: N/A
  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Bitcoin Core Storage: 1TB SSD External USB Case
  • Internet Connection Ethernet or WiFi?: WiFi
  • Anything else?: Battery Backup

Current Performance

  • Connection speed: 200Mbps Down / 15Mbps Up
  • Peers: 17
  • Uptime: 8 Months
  • RAM in use: 1.7 GB
  • Node temperature: 53 C / 127 F
  • Anything else? Also running a local NAS Server in it. All updated and stable with custom monitoring and alerts using RHEL web console.

I did a mini-itx build over my holiday break and spent around $2,000. I have an intel 13700k 16 core (24 thread) 5.4 gHz (max) CPU 64 GB RAM, and 4TB NVME storage. No dedicated graphics. Plenty powerful for running anything someone like me would throw at it. The advantages over an rPI aren’t as great as you might expect. Stuff happens faster and you can do more stuff. But if you want to do two or three things and can wait a week, you can save a ton of money.

My advice, take an old computer and re-purpose it to run umbrel. Get a decent performance advantage over an rPi at a fraction of the cost of a new build.

The big must do is to learn how to back stuff up. I’m still learning that part…