Reflash not helping

is too much text man… people get bored to read or sometimes don’t know to read. Just asking here they think will resolve all at once magically… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Reflashed a brand new 64gb mSD but no joy.
Seems to rule out the faulty SD card.
Would it be the SSD?

You think it’s a full SSD? It is 1TB.
I thought it was only storing the blockchain, a bit over half that size

Logs are clear about this, please read logs.
Use a Raspbian SD in RaspPi, install VNC Viewer in your PC and enable it in RaspPi, then look the contents of SSD in file explorer.
You can also install Gparted in the Raspbian SD, to view partitions state on SSD.

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Filesystem information
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/root 29G 3.1G 25G 12% /
/dev/sda1 916G 916G 0 100% /home/umbrel/umbrel <<<< Answer

The answer is yes. Your SSD is FULL and has 0 bytes available. That looks like the logs got out of control and filled up the entire SSD.

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Thanks. Looks like I’ll be studying this a bit deeper. You said PC, same for Mac?

Thanks for pointing me at the line, I see it clearly when you show it to me like that

For Mac you can also install a EXT4 file reader soft, and plug SSD direct to it.

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I have absolutely no idea what I am doing :exploding_head:

This is the info I could find so far-

/dev/disk4 (external, physical):
0: GUID_partition_scheme *1.0 TB disk4
1: Linux Filesystem ⁨⁩ 1.0 TB disk4s1

Would it be best to wipe the SSD and start again?

If you don’t have opened channels, no problem. If you have channels, before deleting data, copy to another disk the files channel.backup and channels.db of SSD, so you can restore the channels after reinstall.

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Gracias Lobo

Can I just delete the logs?
From what I’ve read below I need to use EXT4 file reader.
I’ve managed to pull up info of the SSD using MACfuse, but no idea how to actually get in and delete the logs.

I get the following error msg:
Error: ext4fuse has been disabled because it requires closed-source macFUSE!

Therefore it doesn’t recognise the cmd line:
sudo ext4fuse /dev/disk4s1 ~/tmp/ext4_support_PARTITION -o allow_other

Maybe it would be better to upgrade to 2TB SSD? (can’t really justify the expense right now)

Don´t escalate problems… Flash Raspbian to a SD and get access to RasPi using VNC, as I said before.
Then you can try analise and find the problem in SSD. Not easy, as may be a soft or a hardware issue.

excellent, making progress, thanks for the pointers.
I may have some questions later, but for now I’m in!! :grin: :+1:t3:

In the following folder: /media/pi/umbrel/electrs/db/bitcoin

…there are many files, including maybe 50 .sst files
and about 200 files named LOG.old.- (then a long number)
Should I delete these files? The .sst files are bigger

You can delete all .log files, no problem. But nothing else.
You need first to analise if you have any hardware problem with the external disk system.
If you can write and copy files in SSD without errors, then likely is a soft problem, and in this case seems easier to do a clean install, by deleting all partitions of SSD.
Don’t forget to copy to another disk the files channel.backup and channels.db of SSD, so you can restore channels after reinstall.

I have located the channel.backup and channel.db files. I have managed to copy them onto the mac. So I guess I could delete the whole ssd and start again.

While I was rummaging around in the Pi I found some big files which could be removed, so I have freed up a few GB and the Umbrel fired up correctly!!!
It has 8 days sync to catch up on, I don’t thnk it will last long but it’s working for now. I can close channels and get funds off until I decide what to do.
Thanks for all the help

Nice. When you have chance, test external storage system hardware with your Mac, by writing a large file to SSD ( 1 GB or larger), then doing a copy of the written large file into the same SSD. If copy speed is less than 100MB/s, you have a problem in storage system (cables, sata adapter or SSD).

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