Refill Lightning Wallet from BlueWallet - Goes Awry :-(

Total noob here; any help would be appreciated.

I am attempting to set up my Lightning Node (referring to this article as a guide: Getting Started with Umbrel node). When I got to the part about “Funding Your Node” I think I got confused and messed up.

Here’s what I did:

  1. First, I connected my Umbrel Lightning Wallet with my BlueWallet app on my mobile. I simply clicked the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the Umbrel Lightning Node app, selected “Connect Wallet” and scanned the QR code using BlueWallet. OK good!
  2. Next, I sent funds (via on-chain tx) to my Umbrel Bitcoin Wallet from another wallet in my BlueWallet mobile app. This tx was confirmed OK and I could see the total 4,411,861 Sats on my Umbrel Bitcoin Wallet. OK great!
  3. Now I wanted to be able to send funds quickly from BlueWallet on mobile to my Umbrel Lightning Wallet, so I used the secret phrase from the Umbrel Lighting Node app to create/restore a new wallet in my BlueWallet mobile app. This appeared to work OK. From my BlueWallet mobile app I could now see my Umbrel’s wallet (AEZEED on-chain wallet) and the balance matches OK.
  4. Here is where I think I went wrong… Instead of opening a lightning channel, I attempted to fund my Umbrel Lightning Wallet using my BlueWallet mobile app – I clicked on Lighting Wallet (the one I connected in step 1) then clicked “REFILL” and selected to refill with 400,000 Sats from the AEZEED on-chain wallet. Then I waited for confirmation.
  5. After 3 confirmations the 400,000 Sats appeared in the Lighting Wallet on BlueWallet mobile app OK, but it did not appear in my Umbrel Lightning Wallet app – at least not where I would expect it to appear. Instead of showing under “Lighting Wallet” the 400,000 Sats appeared in the “Bitcoin Wallet” balance, and the remaining 4,011,861 Sats appear to be missing?? (see screenshots below)

So, my obvious questions are:

  • Why did my Lightning refill not appear in the Umbrel Lightning Wallet balance?
  • Where are the remaining 4,011,861 Sats?
  • Where did I go wrong?
  • How do I correct this?

Screenshots from BlueWallet after the transaction:

Screenshots from Umbrel Lightning Node app after the transaction:


I decided to try to send all 4,411,861 Sats back to my external wallet using BlueWallet app (since the Aezeed wallet showed this balance). I figured it should work, and it did. 4,411,861 Sats (minus tx fee) was sent back to my external wallet and the balance on Umbrel returned to 0 zero for both on-chain and lightning wallets.

To my surprise however, in my BlueWallet app the on-chain wallet returned to zero, but the lightning wallet still shows 400,000 Sats.

Anyone know why this would be? I have a feeling it’s a glitch with my BlueWallet connection. Since the full balance is now confirmed in my external wallet, I believe I could simply delete the Lightning wallet but I’m not 100% sure what’s going on so I haven’t touched it.