Recover funds from restored SSD (no seed words)


I had an umbrel node that suffered a hard drive failure. I’ve managed to recover the files from the harddrive, and I want to now recover the funds that were on the node. I was stupid and didnt write down the seed words (last time I make that mistake).

I’ve tried to copy over all the SSD contents to a new drive, and restart the node, but I get errors (seed too small) or constant “loading” on the start screen.

Is there anyway I can extract the private keys from the SSD contents? Anything with the seed file? Alternatively, what files from the SSD can I bring over to a new Umbrel node to recover eveything if possible? Is there special sauce that cannot be replicated?

Essentially, I have the wallet.db file and my Umbrel password. Can I use these to extract private key of the wallet?

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I add my stupidity because my case is very similar but somewhat different. I try to make it quick and general, the problem:

  • Files on my Umbrel data HD have been accidentally deleted. There is a chance of full or partial data recovery.
  • I have the Umbrel Wallet Seed and it seems also an (automatic) LN channel backup from the last update.
  • I had 2 apps with their own wallets installed (ItchySats, Jam) - this is where I am afraid to lose funds because of missing seed phrases. I have the password to unlock the Jam Wallet, but no seed and no password for it’s web frontend. I have the password to the web frontend of ItchySats, but no seed for it’s wallet.

Question 1:
So the Umbrel web frontend was showing me the passwords for the installed apps and I could copy/paste them to access their web frontends. Where are they actually stored? In a database? In a file?

Question 2:
So the apps have their own wallets with their own seeds. I assume they are independent from the Umbrel wallet and my Umbrel seed wouldn’t be able to recover funds from my apps, right? So where are actually the wallet files and/or private keys of the apps stored? What to look for during my HD forensics?

Too many files/folders have been deleted so I don’t have much hope to make Umbrel running completely with my old settings again. But if so, or partially, I could enter an apps frontend with it’s recovered password and rescue the funds without a seed.

Second approach would be to access the funds via the apps wallet files or private keys in another wallet software, since I have the unlock password for the Jam wallet and the wallet of ItchySats is not password protected…

I appreciate every suggestion/answer and I am willing to pay Sats for that. Even if it won’t work but will help me and others to learn. Value 4 value