Recover from Manual RBF on Channel Open

I did something stupid and broadcasted a manual replace-by-fee instead of using lncli bumpfee. Now I have 3 problems:

  1. a pending channel that is stuck that way (looking at the old txn and not recognizing the RBF txn, which is solidly confirmed on-chain)
  2. funds stuck onchain in the 2-of-2 – I’m not sure how to create a signature to move this since the recovered wallet doesn’t have the multisig address (I guess I need to recover it as a multisig after I get the pub key from the peer?)
  3. my onchain UTXOs are out of date, showing the whole balance pre-RBF on the original input as available (which I imagine is going to cause a problem on a future open attempt).

I keep seeing things with chantools that say I should NOT abandonchannel to fix problem 1 because the funds are on-chain.

I also see for #3 that maybe I can do lnd --reset-wallet-transactions, but I’m not sure where to edit that in umbrel. Does this become reset.wallet.transactions=true in umbrel-lnd.conf?

currently running a reset-wallet-transactions.
I added reset-wallet-transactions=true into umbrel-lnd.conf and restarted the umbrel… now waiting fr the rescan to complete. This takes a while…

I think I may just do abandonchannel anyway on the pending channel so I can open a new one to complete a liquidity swap…

If anyone has a better idea of how to resolve the pending channel issue, I’m still learning :slight_smile:

wow–that didn’t take too long at all (thankfully I haven’t been running this for very long so it didn’t have far to go).

So problem #3 is resolved :slight_smile:

Umbrel resolution steps: Recover from RBF on Channel Open, Confirmed On-Chain, Stuck Pending Old TXN · lightningnetwork/lnd · Discussion #8208 · GitHub