Recover channels backup

Hi @lukechilds @mayank, my node is gone but i can still reach it via ssh
i’ve uploaded backup ***** tar.gz.pgp
can you please help me to get the file please?

nobody can help at all :frowning: ?

ok i’m self talking…
i have another umbrel node, so i closed all the channel in the other node and uninstalled and reinstalled lightning node as shown in the video tutorial

hope to be as Borat and have a great success!

So… i’ve tryed the chanel recover reinstalling lightning node, the first time it loaded the wallet with no channels and no balance
i did it again and now i se the balance but the channels are gone (maybe the first time i’ve put a wrong seed)
i’ve made a search on the hd of the F*up node, and i’ve found a file called chanel.backup maybe can be useful but i don’t know how to load it
i’ve found alsa a file called channel-all.bak in a folder called ride the lightning, maybe i can try to recover from that app

So now i can say great succes!!
the recovery reinstalling lightning node didn’t worked,
but i’ve used the channels.backup file on “recover channels” in the 3 dots menu in lightning node app,

Sincerly my adventure as an operator in lightning network finish here

thank to all the people who helped me