No backup file shown in automatic recovering lightning channels


I just reinstalled my lightning node and entered 24 seed words. After the lightning node finished sync, about 24 hours, I selected “recover channels” from the menu, no backup file was shown as in this guide “”.
What should I do now?


Now the backup files showed. when I selected one by which my pre-restored node was online, there was error message as in the screen capture.

Actually I only has 2 limbo lightning channels pending for closure around 1 year now.

and now these backup files were gone again.

I guess there was an intermittent connection from my umbrel to the automatic encrypted backup server.

I still need help on channel recover. These backup files have not appeared since.


If you select the first back-up do you get the same error above?

Otherwise, if you’re still unable to access these back-ups, Umbrel’s automatic back ups keeps an encrypted record of these. If you could please go to the settings tab, and select START under troubleshooting there should be a log for you to download which you can share here- that will help us find one.


I did not select the first back-up because it was created after I reinstalled my lightning node. I selected 2 backup files at 4:43am and 1:50am Sept 27th instead.

I also downloaded a backup file as a precaution before uninstalling the node and uploaded it for channel recovery. Anyhow, there was another error as shown in this image.

As of the writing, backup files have not still showed up again.

I sent you the log in DM, pls help check.

Can you help advise pls?

Hi @smolgrrr

As per our DM, I put up the original thread here for further communication.
I observe that my lightning node intermittently showed automatic backup files when I selected “recover channels” button. I suspect there is some issues with the connection to the backup server.

Were you ever able to use the automatic backup files that popped up either?
Still waiting on a response from the team

Yes, I used this feature in June last year to recover my channels. It succeed in restoring most of my fund back then.
Fast forward over a year, I have had no trouble with my node and did not use the automatic backup feature till now.
I see some guys suggest to reinstall and restore the node again and again until the files normally appear.

I have exactly the same issue - restored node from 24 word seed but no channel backup is found. Will you please advise on how I can recover the funds on the channels?