Re-installing Umbrel when upgrading Debian

Hi, I plan to install Umbrel on a debian based system.

When debian upgrades (e.g as it did recently from 11 to 12), does this mean reinstalling Umbrel from scratch? I’m not familiar with docker, but I imagine it wouldn’t be so painful as to reinstall every app and their settings?

And what’s the best way of setting up a system that has an SD, and two hdds, that would make it relatively easy to upgrade Debian & reinstall Umbrel?

thanks for any advice

You shouldnt have to reinstall Umbrel when upgrading Debian. That being said, I would isolate your Umbrel instance from hardware failure by virtualizing it… that is, build a debian virtual machine (virtualbox or proxmox come to mind), attach your HDD storage to the VM, and install your Umbrel on that attached storage in the debian VM. VMs are easy to replicate, backup, and move to other systems if necessary.

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