Re installing Lightning Node from seed phrase

As a newbie I’ve made a mess of my node trying to fix an issue that the only option I feel now is to start again.
My question is that when I restore my ligthning node wallet from the seed phrase does it/ can it resurrect the open channels i have as I hadn’t yet backed them up OR can i back them up before wiping the node?
Note: I only currently able to log in via SSH not through the web interface?


Migrating offchain channels while they are open is a complicated and manual technical process with many steps and if any step is taken incorrectly it can result in loss of funds

This process is made easier with Automated Recovery, demonstrated here!

This is a safe and reliable way where all you need is the 24-words and it will return funds back onchain

If you’d like to try the LND offchain migration these are the steps to grab the necessary files, I’d recommend first testing it out with less funds at risk:

SCB backup file is located in (or wherever you’re coming from):


Also backup file is channel.backup file is located (or wherever you’re coming from):


Resources: Operational Safety - Builder's Guide

You must make sure that you do not have your seed phrase active on two online nodes or this also risks broadcasting a stale channel state and can result in loss of funds

Thank you for the reply @usernameisJim , I followed the video and everything was worked as shown.
I was not sure of the channel backups as I had not manually performed one but it looks like Lightning Node automatically does it so all good.

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Could either of you help with some clarification on this subject?

My Bitcoin node won’t sync. It’s stuck at 97.xx% and won’t move forward. I think I will have to reinstall it but I don’t want to lose the funds I have in my Lightning channels. If I reinstall the Bitcoin node and then use my seed phrase for my LN channel I should not lose anything, correct?

Hi @el-trompo, I would download a back-up right before uninstalling, and you’ll be safe.

Before uninstalling, could you please run the following, and we can try troubleshoot the issue with your node falling out of sync. Might be able to save you some time.

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin logs --tail 100

I cant access the LN node right now because the BTC node is not up to date. I am trying to run the log command but my terminal is returning: command not found.

Hi, So it’s happened again as a direct result from me meddling in areas well above my pay scale, but this the time issue is different.

So after doing the following again:

  1. Syncing Blockchain.
  2. Re install Lightning Node
  3. Recovering On chain funds through seed phrase.

So far “all good!” then when I try to recover channels in “Lightning Node” it wants to look for channel backup files on my local Windows machine rather than on the Umbrel machine.

Would you have any suggestions on how to redirect search to Umbrel machine?

From you previous help I’ve located '“channel.db” file in the following directory


But now struggling to re direct search criteria back to Umbrel machine from Windows remote



Does this work if you do a seed and channel backup onto a different device? For example going from a RasPi to an Intel PC running Ubuntu?