RBF or CPFP in Umbrel ( RTL or Thunderhub )

I went cheap on a channel open tx fee.
Not an issue, I can wait, but it started me thinking.

RBF is enabled on chain, and there is a change output unconfirmed in my wallet.
The question is - how do I perform an RBF transaction via Thunderhub or RTL?
I also thought I’d do CPFP with the change output, but you can’t do that either as RTL will not allow you to spend unconfirmed sats.

Lastly I thought I’d be clever and load the seed into Sparrow to spend the change or do RBF, but alas - checksum invalid as I think Umbrel doesn’t use BIP39?

Any ideas?

So, how best to proceed if I were wanting to push the channel opening with urgency?

In the same boat…wondering if you won or waited ??

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Apologies for delayed reply - I just saw this.

In this case I waited.
Never did work it out lol.

In the same boat…Is it possible I lose those sats if my gas is too low?

I’m ended up in this grip, too! Anyone found a solution on how to run an RBF on Thunderhub? Will it eventually go through? It’s been a day :stuck_out_tongue: