Bitcoin transaction unconfirmed for almost 2 weeks


My bitcoin transaction on mainchain has been unconfirmed for about two weeks.
unfortunately, the highest miner fee that was suggested by Umbrel was 1.02 sat/vbyte (without going to advanced setting). This is the reason no miner is picking it up.

This transaction is not RBF compatible.
I’ve tried using CPFP to push my original transaction through using Ride the Lightning app, with no success. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I’m not leasing certain UTXO’s ? I’m not sure anymore.

Is there a way to select a specific UTXO and spend it?
I can share anything upon request.

Would greatly appreciate any support.

@Finhum can you try to use Thunderhub and bump the fee in the UI there?

It should also list any unspent UTXOs separately as well to spend those and send them to another address you control, I believe this has been a fix for some users outside of the CPFP and non-RBF enabled transactions so far…

If you get any errors can you post them and do you mind to share a screenshot so we can get to the bottom of the issue as well? Feel free to black out the amounts or anything if you wish

Thanks for trying to help @usernameisJim .

I’m in Thunderhub - I don’t see an option to send this specific UTXO - where is it?

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What’s the worst case?

Will this eventually purge from the mempool?
Should I turn my node off to stop it from re-broadcasting?

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Same issue here. One month on and node continues to add it back into the mempool. Its an RBF transaction but all UTXOs have been double spent. The transaction can not go through but Umbrel keeps trying. It’s also preventing me from sending anything from the new change address which will never exist. I would have expected the node to drop the transaction after 2 weeks but one month on and a 3rd submission of this tx. Not sure but may have to run some “Abandon transaction” cmds.

How do you tell how many submissions happened - you’re on your 3rd you said - where do you see that?
Let me know if you figure this out - It’s very annoying.
There should be better UI and tools built to prevent this experience from happening.


Did you ever get any resolution to this? I think I am having the same issue. I sent a transaction from the umbrel to my muun wallet. I am getting the “Transaction not found, waiting for it to appear in the mempool” message when I click on the outgoing transaction or enter the txn ID. It has only been 18 hours though.

My umbrel balance is showing zero, and it is showing a transaction ID, so I know it went somewhere.

I unfortunately have not.

I don’t really know who else to reach out to in the Umbrel community.

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I found this advise for a possible fix, but I cannot find this option anywhere on Thunderhub or Ride the Lightning.

“Install Ride The Lightning (RTL) and check the box to spend unconfirmed tx, then sent it to urself with a higher fee, check to see fee recommendations”

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So in my RTL on-chain page, it is showing the transaction but it is not listing any UTXOs. So I cannot really select the transaction to try and “do” anything to help it along.

This is what it looks like. Anyone? I am at the absolute extent of my technical capabilities here.

Interesting. Yea, your UTXO’s are not even showing.
Do you see your unconfirmed transaction in the mempool?

No it is not there. It just says “transaction not found, waiting for it to appear in the mempool”. So it definitely “left” the umbrel (about 5m sats) to a legit BTC address after paying a fee of 9k sats. I am guessing it is just to low of a fee to get picked up? buty what happens next?

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Do you know how to implement an abandon transaction cmd? @Full_node

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I’ve been watching this thread. I also have a stuck transaction. 2 confirmations, but the last one is not completing. It’s not RBF elibible, it’s been over a month, and it’s not going anywhere. Any help on how to get this moving from the Umbrel community would be very helpful.


Similar problem. I see this in Thunderhub:

What can I do with this?

What’s the sat/vbyte that you paid?
Can you provide Tx ID

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I was able to resolve the issue by uninstalling the LN node, and reinstalling it and restoring.


Tx id is this: a5a2c3b68794679a8aa502021e1d52d65cb27feece4e60ebedf4dcec95347299

For what I remember it’s a transaction for closing a channel. I didn’t get to choose a transaction fee.

What is also weird (but maybe explainable): I can see the tx in mempool on my own node but not when I can to the online version.

Total unconfirmed amount is 947292 sats:

That is the result of following two transactions I think:

The biggest amount is confirmed, the smaller amount is what keeps it hanging.

And suddenly, the amount got confirmed.

The rumours are true. Sit back and relax and everything will be fine. :sweat_smile:

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