Ravencoin Node on Umbrel

Hello Evrybody,

i got my bitcoin node on Umbrel and it(s cool,
can we create a new node with the Ravencoin Project directly on Umbrel


thanks to all

Totally useless. Another bloatware.
Umbrel is by design a private node, behind Tor.
That means you will have at maximum 10-11 peers (in and out) for syncing your blockchain.

For running a full visible bitcoin node, you need:

  • really powerful machine to handle many connections
  • 24/7/365 with very little downsize
  • really good unlimited internet bandwidth
  • open ports on your router
  • exposing your real IP/location of your node

THIS IS NOT MEANT TO HAPPEN WITH UMBREL NODES! In special with the plethora of RPis machines that barely handle 10 peers and a LN node with 100 channels…

Guys, start learning about how Bitcoin networks works before coming with crazy useless ideas.

thanks for u response

i understand