How to add a fully synced Bitcoin Node to a new Umbrel Set Up?

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I just wanted to say that the Umbrel Developers are doing a great job, thank you.

I recently had Umbrel on an old laptop that decided to stop working so I set up a new instance of Umbrel on a RPI 4, can anyone please tell me how to add my fully synced Bitcoin Node from the laptop to my new Umbrel Set Up, as it is only syncing about 1 % per day at the moment?

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Serious Bee

Hi again, I did search for the answer to my issues but did not find one so that is why I am asking.

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Hi, i am not a great expert, especially on Umbrel - haven’t fiddled with the config files yet.
But on BTC Core on Windows, I would edit the bitcoind.conf file, on the newly started node, to insert a statement

connect x.x.x.x

with x.x.x.x being the address of another BTC node which is fully synched already, on the same LAN.

So the newly started node only connects to the local node and loads the blockchain over the LAN; you save 550 GB os WAN traffic, but the new node still has to validate all transactions, so the CPU power is the limiting factor here.

ON Umbrel, i am also “studying” to figure out how to customize the config files, but i am shy because of the container structure…

Hi flanger68,

I appreciate the information you have relayed to me here.

I will put it to good use straight away.

Yes the RPI 4’s CPU is not as strong as the x86 Intel CPU that was on the laptop hence the slow sync of the BTC’s blockchain.

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Hi, in the meantime, this is the location of the bitcoin.conf file in Umbrel 5.x:

umbrel@umbrel:~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin $ pwd

umbrel@umbrel:~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin $ ls
banlist.json chainstate fee_estimates.dat mempool.dat settings.json
bitcoin.conf blocks debug.log indexes peers.dat

And i made a mistake, omitting the “=” in the configs above:


this is what i used to have the fresh Umbrel install to resynch from my other two Win10 Nodes on my LAN.

Hi flanger68,

Thank you for the added information it is most appreciated.