Question about Blockchain

Greeting Good people. Please i am here to ask if anyone here have the script i can use to get blockchain unconfirmed bitcoin transaction. If anyone can help i will remain grateful.

Hello! If you use Umbrel, Mempool Explorer or BTC RPC Explorer will show info about a transaction. Just click on a sent transaction on Umbrel and app page opens.

Thank you very much. let me try now

Thanks very much. I find it difficult to get BTC RPC Explorer or Mempool Explorer. can you explain how to go about it ?

To get? Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Basic info, as confirmation or expiry, shows when you pass cursor or click on a transaction on Umbrel pages, both BTC or Lightning. Exploreres are very technical, need lots of reading to understand.

I’m looking for a script too (ideally JavaScript) to display node information in a html/Php website

I’ve found but not sure it’s the right one… as I don’t know much about coding, there’s any other option out there?