Purpose of the Umbrel 24-word seed

Hi, can anyone tell what is the purpose of the Umbrel seed? Is the seed used in case my Node gets destroyed?

At the moment, I can get access to my Umbrel node using my PC and laptop and my password. But I am not sure when or how the seed is ever used, and in what scenarios.


It is your Bitcoin address recovery seed, so in case your node goes kaput, you still can access your precious bitcoin as long you have the 24-words seed.

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I see. So if my Node goes kaput or destroyed, I can get access to my BTC in the Node.

In terms of process, do I just download the Umbrel software into a PC and just go from there?

Not to be pedantic, but your BTC is not in the Node. You BTC is on the blockchain. The 24 seed words are used to derive a private key in order to spend and use those BTC. The node itself is running bitcoin core and an electrum server to which created a BTC wallet (short hand for public addresses derived from your private key).

Someone correct me where I’m wrong.

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Got it. So let’s assume a person’s node has just gone kaput.

What does he do to recover his BTC? What are the steps involved?

Having the 24 words would allow you derive the private key needed to use (as opposed to just view) the public addresses.

You could use a hardware wallet or software wallet and “restore from seed phrase”.
Technically, your umbrel node is a HOT wallet because it is connected to the internet, thus presenting a larger amount of potential attack surfaces for some to gain access and spend your BTC. This is why HOT wallets are usually not recommend for large amounts of BTC.

a hardware wallet is a COLD wallet - one that is never connected to the internet. It still derives and signs transactions for you with private keys, but without being hosted on a device that is connected to the internet. (hence why there has been a push to move away from USB hardware wallets to QR signing and other airgapped solutions - even more “cold” if you will).

here’s a decent little video.

I’m learning too so if I have poorly explained something please other folks on the forum correct me.


Great explanation. So can I use the seed with any wallet (eg Trezor, Electrum, etc.)?

No, Umbrel seed is different standard - AEZEED. You can recover only in Umbrel or Blue Wallet. Not sure with Electrum but Trezor definitely not.

I saw there is some testing with Blixt Wallet.


I tried to restore on BlueWallet but i see only the “change” address: is that correct ?

Where can you find your private key??? I have my 24 word seed.

Your 24 word seed is used to derive all the private keys - when you use bitcoin, you’re actually generating a ton of private keys and public keys (bitcoin addresses), but all of them stem from the 24 words.

How would you respond to this then?

I also would like to dump a privatekey from an specific address.

~/umbrel/bin/bitcoin-cli dumpprivkey

is not working on that specific address shown as deposit address moments before.

I feel a little uncomfortable just to trust these aezeed-Words to recover my funds.