Prowlarr: What domain do I use?

Hello, I’m trying out the Sonarr / Radarr / Prowlarr suite of apps, very cool addition to Umbrel! :tada:

I just have some problems with Prowlarr running on my Umbrel. AFAIK I need to add the other two apps to Prowlarr in this menu:

But I can’t really figure out what to use as Prowlarr / Sonarr server domain. I tried:


None of them work and lead to a connection refused in Prowlarr. I had a look in the documentation for Prowlarr but it didn’t really say anything about this. Most of the time if you’re not running this on an Umbrel I’d assume? Does anyone know how to get this up and running? I’m running Umbrel on a RPI4 if it’s relevant.


Yeah I have the same issue with Radarr too.

However messing around I’ve got the following extra info.
If you use your internal IP for Radarr with port number the error message changes for Prowlarr to “Prowlarr url is invalid, Radarr cannot connect to Prowlarr”. This suggests that Prowlarr is able to ping Radarr with the API key and that side works.

When Radarr tries to talk back the URL for Prowlarr is wrong. Something in the background of Umbrel is messing with the routing and I can’t figure it out.

I tinkered a bit and found a solution - You can put in http://radarr_server_1:7878, http://prowlarr_server_1:9696 and http://sonarr_server_1:8989.

I’m not sure how this works networking wise, I just saw that Transmission was using transmission_server_1 as host and tried it.