A carton box doing much better job than TheBitcoinMachines

Well, such a satisfaction to get rid of the whole TheBitcoinMachine(TBM) enclosure and the DoiDo board!

This is the final result

This what’s under the hood

… and here are the leftover parts!

If I knew that was that easy I’ll have saved a few hundred dollars (in BTC) and so much time troubleshooting what was wrong with a 5days old TBM.

Think BIG, start small…

… has been my motto in the past! Got too excited about having a ready-to-use-and-cool-looking device that was actually not worth it!

Performance of the new setup has uncomparably increased and look forward to having the btcCore sync completed in the next few days :astonished:


Congtatulations… Nothing can stop progress.
You should do some venting holes in the box, and fixate parts, or they will move and may touch where it should not.

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Thanks @LoboGuara doesn’t look like but all the parts are fixed to the carton box :slight_smile: Current temp is 72°C, I’ll definitely find the way to make some holes for venting, just need to find a material that do not allow dust to go inside. Any suggestion?

@n080dy That’s a nice setup you have there – and I actually purchased a DoiDo board to help you troubleshoot the issues you’re having… I couldn’t get it to work either, as the SSD either stalls after 30 minutes, or it would just sit there at boot up doing nothing. I was able to return it to Amazon for a full refund. Apparently it’s no longer sold on Amazon as the listing was taken down?

LoboGuara is right, you should add venting holes if you’re keeping everything in the cardboard box.

May I suggest that you get a nice small case for the Raspberry Pi, such as the Argon One V2 here: https://www.amazon.com/Argon-Raspberry-Aluminum-Heatsink-Supports/dp/B07WP8WC3V/ (I use this for my Umbrel node)

OR the iUniker case here: https://www.amazon.com/iUniker-Raspberry-Aluminium-Heatsink-Supply/dp/B07D3S4KBK/ (I use the iUniker case for my dedicated AdGuard DNS server) As the top cover is easily removed, I clean the whole case with canned air once every two weeks, even with the whole thing still running.

I’m guessing you’re disillusioned about TBM, and I don’t blame you at all.


Thank you :pray: @DHD much appreciated your suggestions on the cases and support on the DoiDo board. You’re lucky you got a refund, I’m happy for you.

On my side, I’ve bought the whole thing on TheBitcoinMachines website, been writing to the Doido support team multiple emails and still waiting for a response. I doubt I’ll get a refund, or either a response… so the only thing I can do is share my experience! I’m glad there’s an Umbrel community :slight_smile:

For the case upgrade, the iUniker look’s really nice and practical but I was looking to embed the SSD inside the same enclosure and found the Argon One M.2 on amazon. Any other alternatives to this?

A much nicer and even more OpSec way to hide your node is into an old rotary phone.

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Thanks for the inspiration @DarthCoin, this guy is a legend! I’ve the same phone somewhere… it will be my second node :laughing:

I love your optimism. Thanks for not giving up @n080dy!! Can you please let me know your order number with TBM so I can check with their team on the issue?

Sure @mayank I’ll send you a PM :slight_smile: Much appreciated it, if you can reach out to them and explain what happened. Is not my intention to spread bad energy.

Thanks @mayank and the DoiDo team for sending over a replacement card together with a 2TB SSD. Much appreciated. BitcoinMachine already up and running again :slight_smile:

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