Plex Installed - How to I move my Library?

I have been running a Plex server for years and love the idea of running it with a few other things (HomeAssistant) on my RPi 4. I have it installed and running but I don’t quite understand how to move files to Umbrel?
Sorry of this is a real newbie question…

Hi @BootStrap
Thanks for trying out Umbrel!
So just to clarify, you’ve started up a fresh instance of Umbrel/Plex, and you would like to move the Plex content you’ve got on another device to Umbrel?

If the above is correct, please help me out with the following: where is this content currently stored (ie on a laptop, external SSD/HDD, cloud server, etc), and how large is the amount of files you would like to transfer?
Just asking this as it will give me a better idea of what specific solution to recommend to you :slight_smile: