Please help with Thunderhub

I tried to change the default password by ssh into Umbrel

Somehow I messed up when editing the thubconfig and I couldn’t figure out what I did

I deleted the thunderhub directory, thinking I can reinstall it later via umbrel but now I can’t, it is stuck at installing

Please help

i am a noob.

If you would just read the Umbrel Troubleshooting manual before anything stupid, you wouldn’t be in this situation.
Please read it and you will find there the instructions how to do it.

But anyway, why do you want to change that password?
You will use TH anyway only on your LAN (secured) or through Tor if you are outside. Also TH app is using a total different onion address than your node, so if you do not leak it to anybody, there’s NO risk that anybody can enter/use it.

I know It was stupid of me.

Just started the node a few days ago and still learning how to use the software.

Will updating Umbrel to the latest version 0.4.3 solve it automatically?

The node is almost done synchronizing 90%

  1. In the troubleshooting manual you have all the info to fix an app that can’t be installed.
  2. Leave that thunderhub as it is, don’t try to change the pwd is you do not know what are you doing!
    NOBODY will enter / know / find in your TH onion address if you keep it only for you.
  3. Updating umbrel is a must anyway

Yeah, I read that part

So do I still need to ssh into Umbrel and clean / reconfigure the broken container or will updating it suffice?

Thanks for helping

Yes, see the section of repairing an app that doesn’t start, in the troubleshooting manual.
But first wait until is synced. There’s no rush. You can’t use anyway TH until the node is fully synced.
Please read also the getting started guide



I have followed the instructions to fix the Thunderhub
I was able to install the app but after the restart, both Bitcoin and Lighting wallet is stuck at synchronizing
How long does it usually stay like that?

I have a debug log. Any help is appreciated

so you still continue messing around until you locked the wallet. You changed something that should not be touched and now you locked the wallet.
wallet locked, unlock it to enable full RPC access
sorry but I can’t help you with that.
You will need to reset user data.
You better follow the instructions to restore your funds and start over with a new node instance.

I did change the password to Umbrel.local, but I didn’t think that would mess anything up. I was able to log in and sync. I then followed instructions to fix Thunderhub that won’t install. Once I restarted, this happened.

Luckily, I just started this node and I didn’t put any funds on it.

I am just concerned that I have to wait days again for the blocks to sync.

I read somewhere you can copy the blocks and chain state to an old drive and restore it once you have Umbrel running?

Can I do that with a windows machine? What do I copy?

Thanks for helping.

Then start over a new instance. Follow the instructions from troubleshooting guide how to reset user data (without losing the blockchain sync) and start a new user / pwd/ wallet.
Much better

You mean using this command?

Enter using SSH and run the following:

sudo systemctl stop umbrel-startup && sudo rm -rf ~/umbrel/lnd/!(lnd.conf) && sudo rm ~/umbrel/db/user.json && sudo rm ~/umbrel/db/umbrel-seed/seed && sudo systemctl start umbrel-startup

But only if you do not have any funds on that node

ok. What happens after it executed? Do I get a new seed and wallet?


ok. here goes nothing.

Fingers crossed.

I was able to log back in and got a new seed but wallet is still locked

umbrel-1633717936052-debug.log (20.9 KB)

WTF?! It should be a clean new user and wallet. Are you sure you reset it?
@mayank or @louneskmt can you have a look? This is weird.

What if I shut it down and reflash the microSD?

Do you think it will work?