Problems Opening Thunderhub

I downloaded the app, Thuderhub, and tried opening it; it asked for password again and when I entered it, it said “error Not allowed by CORS”. What should I do?

The password for TH is generated based on your seed. It is NOT your Umbrel dashboard password.
You will see it in Umbrel dashboard - App Store - Thunderhub.
If you want a manually created password (not recommended) you can edit a config file manually - see troubleshooting manual for instructions.

Thanks DC. When I open TH it opens a new window with this address:


Then it asks me for my Umbrel password before it gives me the error message. I am going to remove the 2FA and see what happens.

Is NOT the Umbrel password!
From version 0.4.8 each app in Umbrel have its own password.
See the announcement for more details

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Thanks again. Ended up shutting down Umbrel and rebooting it to get proper interface, to enter the app specific passwrd.