Raspberry Pi 5 supported?

Hi, I was wondering if the new raspberry pi 5 is supported by Umbrel?

We’re waiting on test units, and will be doing our best to ensure there is an umbrelOS release compatible with the Pi 5 as soon as it’s out :saluting_face:

Thanks for your reply!
I thought the pi 5 was already available, but seems it’s still in pre-order. Great to hear it will be supported.

I received my Pi 5 last week. How long does it typically take to release a new version of Umbrel, months, weeks? Are they on a waiting list for the new Pi or is the arrival imminent?
I’m trying to get an idea of the time frame.

Hello! I just got my Pi 5 and I’m eager to get started with Umbrel, but the current version didn’t boot unfortunately… Any updates on Pi 5 support?