Permissin denied (write)

Hello all,
Am new to Umbrel and my blochain upload at well 80%
Also I can log in via SSH (bitvise). Now I wanted to edit the config.php of nextcloud (trusted domain).
Unfortunately, no entry is possible because permission denied appears for all files.
In the settings can be set the check mark (by other), but even there comes the message “permission denied”.
Also over a terminal the same problem. I ask for help.

If you can access the configuration file through SSH on terminal, you can use the Nano text editor to edit the config.php file, as long you’re using Sudo or root.
Once you’re in your node by SSH, you can execute this:
sudo nano ~/umbrel/app-data/nextcloud/data/config/config.php
When you’re done editing the file, you can press CTRL+O (the letter O, not zero) to write out the changes and then CTRL+X to exit.

The permissions issue is because you are not root, so it denied you from making any changes.

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Great thanks, I will try it.

And done StandingOvationGIF

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