Payinvoice with lncli (via ssh) hangs, via web/Lightning Shell App it works well

Hi paying an invoice via the command line hangs (logged in as umbrel user with ssh), while the same invoice can be paid perfectly via the web interface or with the lightning shell app.
The issued command is /home/umbrel/umbrel/bin/lncli payinvoice --pay_req <pay_req string>
Logged in as umbrel user under ssh of course

Other commands with lncli working well like ( /home/umbrel/umbrel/bin/lncli listchannels etc.)
Seems like the lncli payinvoice command is blocked for some reason?

Again strange enough installing the app ‘lightning shell’ and issuing the payinvoice command (ofc this time without /home/umbrel/umbrel/bin/) is also working well…

Thanks in advance!

I wonder why some users are so masochists?
Umbrel devs worked hard to build a nice and easy interface for using easily a node, with many apps to use easily to pay invoices, but yet, some masochist users want to use cli and complicated commands in cli when they can just scan and pay.

Why do you use Umbrel at all ? Just install in cli bitcoind and lnd and that’s it, no more hassle with all those fancy apps that offers you to scan a QR and pay…

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Needed it for my own rebalance script. Existing rebalance scripts like BOS and rebalance-lnd do not work as i wish. It’s all open source. But never mind. I already found a solution to pay invoices using npm ln-service. But the question remains open: lncli payinvoice hangs using is via ssh umbrel. The relevance of the answer is somewhat less.

I believe the reason is that bin/lncli runs a docker-compose exec, which means lncli payinvoice asks you for confirmation (e.g. “press y to confirm payment”) inside of a docker container which you cannot interact with.

The proper way to do this would be to add --force flag in the command to skip the confirmation step.

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