Open channel fee below purge fee

I have an issue with opening a channel.

I set fee to 7s/b but silly thunderhub changed it to 4s/b just before I clicked open.

Unfortunately current purge fee is 4.3s/b so I suspect the transaction from lightning node to my bitcoin node was rejected.

So lightning node has it as pending opening but my mempool nor global mempool knows about the transaction.

I’ve had a similar issue before and was able to resolve by restarting lightning when purge fee was low enough for my bitcoin node to accept the transaction.

This time I’m worried purge fee will not be below 4.

Is there a way to reverse the opening channel action and get fees back on chain?

Hi @UmbrelDreams, another potential fix here is a CPFP transaction that bumps the fee of your original channel opening transaction even if it hasn’t appeared in the mempool yet. ‘Ride the lightning’ is the best tool for this, and please keep in mind that the new ‘net’ fee will be close to the average of the two transaction fees.

I just don’t think it’s possible to cpfp for a transaction that doesn’t exist in the mempool :sob:

It’s the miners that validate a cpfp transaction because it makes financial sense… The bitcoin purge fee doesn’t take cpfp into account… In my opinion.