Pending Open Channels

I have 2 Pending Open Channels from same peer long time.
Also i have normal opened channel from same peer. (I don’t know why they opened 3 times channel with my node)
But one interesting mempool shows: Transaction not found. Waiting for it to appear in the mempool

any help?

I am having the same issue, I will share here as soon as I resolve it. I heard something about recovering it with a refund flow function, but not tested yet.

I am in conversations with the Lightning Labs team.

My channel is showing as this:


I have this for one of mine, as well. I’m concerned that I won’t be able to push it through with a higher fee, b/c it isn’t even found. Did you ever resolve this? Thanks!

Hi there,

I ended up using Child Pays For Parent (CPFP) I believe. Here is some information about the two options I know of: unconfirmed transactions - Replace-by-Fee vs Child-pays-for-Parent? - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

The fee I set in the initial transaction was too low, hence it did not even appear on the Bitcoin time chain.

I hope this helps,

To find the details about the transaction, you can use other tools such as the Ride The Lightning (RTL) application to enter that transaction or spending ID to find more details about the initial attempt of the transaction.

If you need additional assistance, I highly recommend checking the lightning labs documentation or if you want to get community support from real experienced engineers, check the lightning labs slack channel, I often hang out there too, so I may be able to ask you more questions to make sure I am providing you with the correct procedure to complete the transaction or recover your sats.

I hope this helps,