Nunchuk (Desktop)

Available for: macOS, Linux, Windows
Official website:

Nunchik Mobile doesn’t currently support Tor.


  1. Make sure Tor is up and running on your system. Click here for instructions.

  2. Go to Settings by clicking on your profile picture.


  3. Open the Network settings tab.

  4. Enable Connect to Electrum server or Connect to Core node depending on your need. Electrum is recommended as more efficient and fast.

    • If you chose Electrum, enter <Electrum Remote URL>:50001 for the network you want to use (likely Mainnet ).
    • If you chose Core, enter your RPC details as provided by your Umbrel Bitcoin app.
  5. Enable Use TOR proxy and keep the default values.

  1. Click Save network settings and Restart to apply changes.

  2. After restarting, you should see a colored dot besides the network name if the connection is successful (the colour depends on the connection and network, only red means unsuccessful).


Congratulations! You have successfully connected Nunchuk to your Umbrel.

Unable to connect to Nunchuk using Electrum? If Bitcoin Core has only recently finished syncing, please try connecting again in ~24 hours.