Not enough free space on NuC with 1 TB

Hi, When I install umbrel on my new NuC with Ubuntu 20.04 and 1 TB SSD free SSD it only sees 210 GB. I then get (after synchronization) the message that I have too little storage available. Where can I change that? Does it have to do with possible partitions?

I have it also installed on a NUC with 1TB drive.

I will strongly suggest to install Debian 11 (not Ubuntu) and leave the disk with one partition, by default.
Then install Umbrel in its folder as usual.

If you really want to have a separate partition for OS and node, you better use 2 disks:

  • one smaller like 250-500GB for OS
  • one 1TB for Umbrel (you will have to run the install scripts from that drive)

Bitcoin blockchain will take up to 500GB, then is LND with another some GB and Electrum Server with up to 50GB of indexes. Then are the apps and logs, so for today you will need at least 600GB space.

thnx. I will try Debian 11.

Do you have a link to a good ISO Debian 11 file? The education version does not boot up.