Boot drive & storage drive?

I’m in the process of upgrading my Umbrel from an RPi to a NUC. The NUC is running Ubuntu 22.04 on a 128GB boot drive along with a 2TB NVME storage drive. I’ve installed Umbrel but the settings show that it is using the boot drive for storage. Did I miss a step during install? How do I get Umbrel to run from the boot drive but utilize the NVME drive for storage? Also, settings show 33GB of available ram but the NUC only has 32GB installed.

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Umbrel is so close to being the ideal point and click solution. The only thing it really seems to be missing is any kind of storage management. Would be nice to at least see and designate a given drive as where apps go. Beyond that a way to map network drives and perhaps integrate that with app(docker) storage assignment per app would be incredible.

Hi @MrNodebody @Tekchip

Thanks for the feedback.
I believe running the install with these flags will resolve your issue if that’s possible with your NVME drive.

curl -L | bash -s – --install-path /some/path

We do hope to support better storage management in upcoming releases, and I will forward your insights to the team!

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That’s a fantastic piece of information! Thank you for sharing that.

Are additional switches or options like that documented somewhere? There don’t appear to be links to any real documentation on the Umbrel home page.

GitHub - getumbrel/umbrel: A beautiful home server OS for self-hosting with an app store. Buy a pre-built Umbrel Home with umbrelOS, or install on a Raspberry Pi 4, any Ubuntu/Debian system, or a VPS. has a real short bit of information and also no links to documentation with this kind of stuff.

I’ll grant I may be missing it since I don’t have a ton of time to really dig but most other similar projects move documentation like this up front. Would be great to find/have those kind of resources.

There aren’t too many flags, but you can see them here.

Agree we could make these easier to find.

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