Nostr relay - Yellow relay list status

Hello folks! I have the Umbrel Nostr relay installed and I’ve noticed that when I click on my pubkey and it opens up the list of relays my npub resides on some of them show a yellow globe symbol and others green.

What does the yellow status mean?

Screenshot 2023-11-17 143235

Hi there,

The yellow status means your Umbrel does not have an established connection with that relay. Relays do usually have different rules on connections and subscriptions, so not all connections may persist!

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Thanks for answering! I am subscribed to most of the relays on the list as they are paid relays. So if I am subscribed wouldn’t they accept my npub or is it my relay that makes the difference here?

@smolgrrr the reason I am asking is that the updating to my relay stops at some points and if I delete out my npub and then readd it it starts updating again, but later on stops again

I’ll share this feedback with the team, but unfortunately there is probably not much we can do about this.
As I mentioned above relays have different rules on connections and subscriptions, which means some may drop out with the back-up server. However, the great thing about nostr is as long as 1-2 relays work, the app will still be able to back-up all your events!

^ Are you saying the app doesn’t record any events before you re-add the pubkey?

The updating of my posts stops and I have to delete the pubkey out and readd it to get it to start updating again. I’ve had to do it a few times now. Really weird.