Node offline on 1ML

My umbrel node is offline on 1ML for almost 30 days now. I have no idea why. It was perfectly fine for a couple of days. I changed my node alias in the very beginning and my node is already listed under this name on 1ML.
All my channels are online and my node is reachable.
I have no idea what to do.

That’s maybe because your node relatively new and not well knows in the network.

To fix the 1ML status you should add the lightning node from 1ML as permanent peer.
This should fix the problem.

Maybe you can elaborate on how to add permanent peers.
Do i need to open a channel ?
I tried adding the 1ML Alpha Node within thunderhub, but after a while it was gone again.

Open Thunderhub

  1. Klick Peers on the left side
  2. Klick Add
  3. Copy the node address 0217890e3aad8d35bc054f43acc00084b25229ecff0ab68debd82883ad65ee8266@
  4. make sure you selected is temporary is set to No

Thanks, yes, that i did. As stated above - a few hours later the peer was gone again and my node is still not active according to the 1ML site.

The 1ML peer seems to stay connected when i added it a second time. Waited a week now and my node is still offline at 1ML.
There must be something i can do about it. Any help is still very much welcomed.

Now the peer is disconnected again. My node is still offline on 1ML

I reinstalled the node in a virtual machine on much more performant hardware than the raspberry. Seems to work as it should now.