Lightning Node Zero Connections

I just installed umbrel 0.5.4 to a laptop, bitcoin prune node (all sync.)
I open two channels Boltz & ACINQ but the channels are offline, if I add the peer manual in RTL the channels stay online for 1-2 minute then offline, I restart the node but the same thing, after a while go offline

Running sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app restart lightning will bring the channels online and around 5 connections but after some time all the connections are lost and channels go offline.

I run umbrel on raspberry pi4 for 2years without issues on the same network

apparently running the command sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app restart lightning bring 5 peers and the channels are online (6h and still alive)

In this case I have a raspberry pi4 with ice tower out for sale (World Wide Sipping, bitcoin only accepted :)) )