Node broken when updated to v0.3.13 got RED error. Reflashed to v.12.. still getting RED error

Updated to v0.3.13 got RED error. Reflashed to v.12… still getting RED error

I ssh into the raspi & ran the script
cd ~/umbrel && sudo ./scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#v0.3.13

I changed the .13 to 12 & it seemed to install, running the code in my command prompt. Said Umbrel v12 was installed. I then tried to restart the node via my browser, but again got the RED error msg.

I’m not very technical at all, but had some help from someone in the Telegram group. I have some funds on my bitcoin core node & all of my wallets are synced to my node.

I am not seeming to receive funds to other wallets since losing access to my node when I updated to v.13

I would really appreciate some help, I have quite a sum of Sats on my bitcoin core wallet.

Thanks, G

Look at:
Issues after Latest Update to v0.3.13

You are not alone with this problem.

Support and Troubleshooting



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