How to open up incoming connections for your Umbrel

With the latest 24.0.1-2 Bitcoin app update on Umbrel, you can enable several advanced Bitcoin Core options, including opening up Incoming Connections.

As explained in the options it allows you to:

Broadcast your node to the Bitcoin network to help other nodes access the blockchain. You may need to set up port forwarding on your router to allow incoming connections from clearnet-only peers.

In other words, the benefit is that you are able to serve blocks to other nodes, especially the ones that are booting for the first time. You will be actively contributing to the bitcoin network.

There are couple of steps you need to take to enable it:

Step 1
Upgrade your Bitcoin app in Umbrel to 24.0.1-2 through the Umbrel App Store.

Step 2
Find the 3 small dots icon in the top right corner, click it and find the option Incoming Connections and enable it. You will be offered to restart the Bitcoin app to enable this option.

Step 3
Login to your home/office router. You will need to find the instructions for this on the bottom of your router or you need to google it. The process slightly differs on all devices, but usually you need to load an IP in your browser like 168.x.x.x. The default username and password is also usually listed on the bottom. In some cases routers come with mobile apps and you can login with that.

If someone changed the password, you may need to reset (with a button) the router to go back to the default, but be careful not to lose the information for your internet connection while resetting.

Step 4
Find within the router settings an option called Port Forwarding and add 8333 for external and internal ports. Save your settings. Your router will probably restart for the settings to take effect.

If you’re stuck with this step check out this more detailed description of port forwarding for Bitcoin.

That’s it! Let me know if it worked for you!


This is great, been waiting a while for this!

Now just the ability to limit the amount of connections inwards and the amount of data downloaded would be awesome! :slight_smile:

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