Newbie, seems to be stuck in the setup? just code

just did the initial flash. started to download and stopped. have some failures that i seen. not sure what to do after that.
seems i need a new keyboard as mine will not power up.
should a browser page be populating?

Are you using the recommended parts? Official power supply, 1TB SSD, etc.

Sound’s keyboard is the fisrt issue! Did you follow Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide?

Is supposed to not connect any other device. In the Umbrel instructions there is no mention on connecting keyboard and monitor to the raspi pi, just access it from another PC in the same LAN

Why people always not respecting the instructions and recommended hardware, then come here and complain?

Thanks for that, missed the part from OTHER pc.

wasnt a complaint. it was an ask for help. didnt understand it.