Disable Tor for initial Bitcoin Node sync on umbrel v0.5.3

Hello. As the name suggests i would like to disable Tor for the initial sync, but i cannot find any relevant info on how to do it. I am fully aware why i shouldn’t use the node without Tor, but for the initial sync it would be okay to sync through the default network.

I live in a country where the internet is not so fast itself, given that i have to wait too long to sync this way. Already got umbrel syncing for few days, and it just passed 40% (few days just to end up the easy part).

Got tested syncing with another software without tor, and the difference is obvious - 3/4 times faster.

hi, I’m also struggling with the initial sync. 3,5 days after the setup and I’m only at 25%… someone has a tip on how to make this faster?