Migrating from Pi to NUC


I was wondering if anyone does have instructions to be able to migrate from a RPi setup to a NUC:

  • I can follow the GitHub instructions on Getumbrel.com to install Umbrel on Ubuntu. https://github.com/getumbrel/umbrel#-installation

  • My question is, what next?. How do I migrate my channels and RPi onto the NUC Linux setup?. I have been told that it is a case of copying the entire lnd folder and replace it on the new machine.

  • I did read on TG that Mayank then suggested specific instructions to update the lnd.conf file but am unsure as to what these might be.

Any help would be much appreciated


  1. If you do not have any funds in that node, I suggest just to start a new one, clean on the NUC. And use Debian OS.
  2. If you do have funds, a better and safer approach is to restore that old Umbrel node into Blixt wallet and start a new one fresh on NUC Debian. Here I wrote a guide about 6 ways to restore your Umbrel node

If you want to skip the sync part of the blockchain, there’s a way to copy the data from old node or even sync in real time, see my other guide about this here

A migration from one system to another, involving funds and not being much tech-savvy is complicated and can end up in more complications.
Don’t complicate things when can be done in a simple way.

The node Cold Sats migrated from his Pi running myNode to Ubuntu server. https://twitter.com/cold_sats/status/1495126848631496704?t=noIZUJhM8rmCFdZAtNGyHw&s=03

Here is a follow up medium article he wrote to share more of the detailed commands: https://medium.com/@cold_sats/how-to-migrate-lnd-from-mynode-to-raspibolt-ubuntu-server-e6089a92eae7

I’ve been looking it over because I’m keen to do this same thing myself. I’d really like to migrate to upgraded hardware to expand my node without closing my channels and starting from scratch.

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Thanks . I have migrated my Umbrel to a NUC with Debian successfully.

So you followed the guide from Cold Sats?